Gate drive: What you need to know about the safety edge

It must be recognized that the use of a motorized gate is not always safe from hazards. That’s why you need a safety device. So, caution requires us to install a safety edge on the gate automatism. This will allow it to stop automatically if there is an obstacle in its path.

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What is a safety edge?

It is above all a safety device to be installed on your gate operator. It is also called a safety edge. Its mission is to stop the travel of the gate if an obstacle is detected in its path. In the event of an anomaly, it automatically cuts power to the engine. Unlike photoelectric sensors, the stylus uses a rubber sensing edge to make contact detection. This device is also equipped with an aluminum rail, a resistive contact or a cable and two plugs at the ends.

With a safety bar, your safety and that of your goods above all!

The installation of a safety edge makes the use of a motorized gate safer. When it detects an obstacle in its path, it immediately cuts power to the remote control dc motor. In this way, the safety edge considerably reduces accidents which are in most cases related to gate closing. For example, it helps to avoid the worst when your car suddenly breaks down in the path of the gate being closed. The safety edge not only protects you and your property, it also protects the gate from damage.

In addition, EN 13241-1 requires the installation of a safety device on every automated gate.

How is the safety edge installed?

Setting up the safety edge is not complicated and will only take you a few minutes. Note that you can do it yourself, but the device must be installed correctly to ensure optimal operation. First of all, it is better to cut off the power supply to the gate. You can connect the safety edge directly to the electronic board of the actuator. All you have to do now is make the wire connection between the device and the terminal block, as indicated in the operating instructions.

Your safety edge is correctly connected when the light signals in the switch cabinet are illuminated. All you have to do is test the proper functioning of the equipment. To do this, make sure that your gate is in closing motion. Then simulate an obstacle by crushing a joint with your hand. This must be detected by the safety edge, which means that the gate movement must then be stopped. If this is not the case, you only have to check the electrical connections again.

Finally, as a remark, you can use a safety edge and photocells at the same time. This only increases your safety.

Instant-conseil: maintaining your dishwasher

The dishwasher is an important investment for the family and it is necessary to maintain it for obvious questions of hygiene. Contrary to popular belief, a dishwasher requires little maintenance. However, like most household appliances, the dishwasher requires a few simple operations to extend its life.

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How to maintain your dishwasher?

Various methods are recommended to optimize your dishwasher and ensure its proper operation:

When installing, it is necessary to read the delivery instructions carefully. Indeed, the manufacturers provide precious indications as for the maintenance of your apparatus.

After each wash cycle, it is advisable to clean the filter and door gasket by removing all dirt residue from the door with a damp sponge.

Regular use of a deodorant product is recommended to avoid bad odors.

Leave the dishwasher running empty at least twice a year to clean the rest of the trash.

Frequently put soapy water in the tank.

When you are away for a long time, unplug your appliance and leave the dishwasher door open to prevent odors.

Do not hesitate to seek professional advice, especially on the choice of cleaning products for your dishwasher.

Note: there are products sold in supermarkets or in specialized stores that allowed in a single wash to clean thoroughly. It is useful to use it once a year for optimal cleanliness.

Maintain your dishwasher to avoid breakdowns

A dishwasher, cleans your dishes but cannot clean itself. It needs regular descaling to prevent its various parts from wearing out quickly. This operation preserves the parts so you avoid most failures on your device.

If a fault occurs despite all these precautions, it is possible to call a technician who will solve the problem quickly. 

There is also a second alternative, indeed, if you like to put your hand to the paw you can repair your dishwasher yourself. There are sites on the Internet where you can find a spare part of your choice and it also provides assistance to help you repair. 

Among the most replaced dishwasher parts, you will find elements as diverse as the remote solenoid kit, the drain pump, the basket wheels or the door lock.

The advantages of the programmable roller shutter drive

Today, more and more homes are equipped with programmable roller shutters. Like all the other accesses to the house, these equipments can also benefit from a motorization. In this post, discover the advantages of a programmable roller shutter motorization.

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The programmable roller shutter motor: a comfort to the appointment!

The programmable roller shutter motor is highly appreciated for its many advantages. Excellent daily well-being is one of its main assets. As the automated system guarantees automatic opening and closing of the roller shutters, you benefit from real comfort when using it. All you have to do is press a button on the remote control or the switch to switch them on. This means you no longer have to move around to manually open or close your shutters one by one. A single gesture is enough to make them all together, and that, very quickly!

The programmable roller shutter motor models are also designed to bring a modern and contemporary touch to the home. This material not only contributes to your convenience but also makes your property look more attractive and remarkable. Note that this motorization is suitable for all types of homes. In addition, you can choose between the wired or wireless model. All you have to do is choose the one that with a wireless remote control.

The programmable roller shutter motor: guaranteed safety

Apart from comfort, the programmable roller shutter motor is also a very safe system. As it has a deterrent effect on appearance, it discourages potential burglars in advance. With this equipment, your property is not in danger of being burgled. Even if the thieves try with all their might to enter your house through your shutters, it will always be in vain. This motorization strengthens the latter so that they become more resistant to all attempts at break-ins. It is a very powerful security system. Thus, thanks to its anti-lift and anti-tear system, your shutters become perfectly robust and solid.

Remember that with these types of motors, it is possible to define the opening and closing times of your shutters. At this time, you can simulate your presence to the public during your absence or vacation. This way, your home will also continue to live with the sunlight that enters your home.

Maintenance tips for swing gates

Maintenance increases the service life of an element. To preserve the beauty of your swing gate for a long time, they must be maintained. Each material requires a particular treatment. It is therefore necessary to adapt your maintenance products according to your type of portal.

Maintain your portal

Some gates do not require special maintenance. This is the case with the aluminum and PVC gates. These materials are stainless and withstand the vagaries of the climate. Simply clean with warm water and soap once a year. The rinsing is done with clear water. However, abrasive sponges and chlorinated soaps can dull them.

For wooden gates, maintenance depends on each type of wood. Wood is sensitive to moisture, fungi and insect pests. It is therefore necessary to regularly apply a fungicide treatment on the portal. It is necessary to regularly impregnate several coats of woodstain to let the grainy aspect of the wood show through. For the painting, it is necessary to choose a darker color than the tone of wood not to renew it frequently. For the actual cleaning, a damp sponge is sufficient.

Iron gates are strong, but fear rust. For their durability, it is preferable to cover them with several layers of anti-rust. This process should be done once a year to obtain a better result. If in spite of that your gate presents zones of rust, it is necessary to brush them with a wire brush and repaint of anti-rust the concerned places.

The parameters to take into account

If your gate is motorized and with a wireless remote control, care must be taken to clean the automation device at least twice a year. Insects and moisture can damage your device. To do this, it is advisable to cover the central unit with an anti-humidity bag and spray it with insecticide. To protect the unit from rain, it is recommended to inject silicone into the device.

In some places, cleaning should be regular.If you live near a busy area or near the sea, your gate should be cared for at least four times a year. If the latter is lacquered, maintenance must be frequent to keep the paint waterproof.

It is not necessary to wait for the deterioration of the swing gate to take care of it. Regular maintenance ensures a satisfactory result.

Motorization of gates

How does gate drive work?

Many owners wish to motorize their gates, but for lack of information and details, prefer to abstain. If this is your case, you may be interested in this article.

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Operation of the gate operator

There are several gate operator options available on the market, depending on the type of swing or sliding gate and whether it is made of wood, PVC or aluminum. There are generally five types of drive for swing gates: a cylinder drive, a wheeled drive, an integrated drive, an underground drive and an arm drive. First of all, the cylinder drive can be operated with electricity, oil (under pressure) or compressed air. In addition, the wheeled motor works either with solar energy or with a 14 volt supply. Then, an integrated motor and an underground motor both operate with a 220 volt current. The mechanism of the first drive is integrated into the gate, while the mechanism of the underground drive is hidden at the foot of the leaves. Finally, the arm motor operates with a current of 220 volts, and using mechanical joints (articulated arms). The articulation mechanism can be hydraulic or electromechanical. Moreover, if you have a sliding gate, a garage remote control specially designed for this type of gate is sold on the market. Depending on a ground rail system or a self-supporting system, and depending on the weight of the gate, the motor operates either with 24 volt or 220 volt current, or with a battery or solar energy.

Which operator for your gate?

In order to define the drive adapted to your gate, a few essential steps are necessary. First of all, take into account the gate model (wood, aluminum, steel…), size, weight… If you have a PVC, aluminum or wooden gate, the installation of the actuator with cylinders is not recommended. Indeed, it requires a much stronger material such as steel. In addition, the space at your disposal can be decisive in the choice of motorization. On the one hand, if you have sloping ground, the wheel drive is the right one, and on the other hand, if you need more space, you can opt for an integrated drive or an underground drive. Then, strict standards, rules and safety measures accompany the installation of a motor at your gate. In this context, it is important to meet all the conditions required before equipping your gate: reinforcing your structure (pillars, leaves, etc.), setting up the opening area, removing various obstacles (stones, branches, objects, etc.), lighting and signaling equipment for the automatic gate, and manual disengagement in the event of a breakdown.

Landscaping around a terrace

Reinvent your terrace with a modern touch. Understand that exterior decoration is not boring, on the contrary you will do it in the greatest pleasure. Design it to create a second living space, a place where you can rest for the weekend. Create a friendly setting that will impress your friends when you invite them to have a drink on the terrace. We will, for that, advance you some tips decoration so that your outside is out of the common.

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Maintaining the garden

Don’t miss anything! From the balcony, through the terrace and driveway to the gate, the frame must be impeccable. To start, trim your shrubs well, make sure they are presentable and do not leave a dead leaf lying around. Then remember to trim the lawn well to give it a beautiful green appearance. This will allow other plants to flourish. Although, before you treat them, sanitize them. You will need a natural insecticide to eliminate pests and small animals that will rot your garden. In addition, the ideal is to prepare two plots on either side of the garden path, where you will plant the flowers taking into account the color schemes. You can even dress the plots by placing rocks or pebbles around them. Otherwise, the most flowering plants think of making them stand out by putting them in pots. Or why not mount a small orchid tree on the terrace itself? The landscape will be even more chic and you will be congratulated for being so insightful.

Installing garden furniture

The task is not quite ready to be completed. A beautiful exterior is also accessories that enhance it. What could be more convivial than garden furniture on a well covered terrace. A pretty little garden furniture that you can choose exotic or design. Then install a coffee table. It will be very convenient, because you will be able to put your accessories there: telephone, garage door remote, book or the cup while you enjoyed a radiant sunshine. Some even choose to install a designer sofa, just like the one in the house, but there you really need to be careful, because outside the sofa is more exposed to the pitfalls. However, you can always install a pergola or simply cover your furniture with a waterproof house.

Wireless transmitter and receiver module advantages

The wireless transmitting and receiving module can be used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, and telemetry. It is a widely used product and has a wide operating voltage range of 3 to 12V. This article will introduce the advantages of this product.

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When the wireless RF remote controller data module and special codec chip such as PT2262/PT2272 are used, the connection is very simple as long as they can be directly connected. The transmission distance is ideal and can reach 600 meters or more. If used with a microcontroller or a microcomputer, the connection will be MCU. Or the computer’s clock interference, resulting in a significant reduction in transmission distance, the general practical distance within 200 meters.

Wireless RF transmitter and receiver module advantages

1. Provide a variety of antenna support, including antenna technology support built-in copper antenna / built-in high gain antenna / external antenna / external high gain antenna, to provide seamless support for customer RF remote control product development.

2. Small size: The wireless RF transmitter and receiver module is only the size of the thumb. It is one of the industry’s most compact modules and is convenient for the development of various portable wireless audio applications.

3. Power output: It can provide 60mw audio output power, which is convenient for customers who develop portable headset audio products, saving circuit cost and speeding up the development cycle.

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Special features of wireless transceiver modules

The data module of the wireless transceiver module has a wide operating voltage range of 3-12V. When the voltage changes, the transmission frequency is basically unchanged, and the receiving module matched with the transmitting module can be received stably without any adjustment. When the transmission voltage is 3V, the wireless transceiver module transmits the distance of about 20-50 meters, the transmission power is small, when the voltage is 5V, about 100-200 meters, when the voltage is 9V, about 300-500 meters, when the transmission voltage is At 12V, for the best operating voltage, the wireless transceiver module has a good emission effect, the emission current is about 60 mA, the transmission distance is 700-800 meters, and the transmission power is about 500 mW. When the voltage is greater than l2V, the power consumption increases, and the effective transmission power is no longer significantly increased.

Performance introduction of wireless transceiver module: It integrates the function of high-frequency keying (GFSK) transceiver circuit to achieve high-speed data transmission with a small size and low cost. The transmission rate of the upgraded version of the wireless transceiver module can be 2M, 1M, 250K, increasing from the original 81 channels to 125 channels, which can achieve stable and reliable short-distance data transmission without interference in the congested ISM band. Work in the global open ISM band, license-free use.

The wireless transmitter and receiver module provider Carymart mainly provides wireless remote control solutions. Through the actual requirements of the project, the selection of transceiver chips and microprocessors, the design of corresponding peripheral circuits and mutual interface circuits, and the preparation of corresponding system programs And drivers, complete the test of the corresponding indicators.