Landscaping around a terrace

Reinvent your terrace with a modern touch. Understand that exterior decoration is not boring, on the contrary you will do it in the greatest pleasure. Design it to create a second living space, a place where you can rest for the weekend. Create a friendly setting that will impress your friends when you invite them to have a drink on the terrace. We will, for that, advance you some tips decoration so that your outside is out of the common.

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Maintaining the garden

Don’t miss anything! From the balcony, through the terrace and driveway to the gate, the frame must be impeccable. To start, trim your shrubs well, make sure they are presentable and do not leave a dead leaf lying around. Then remember to trim the lawn well to give it a beautiful green appearance. This will allow other plants to flourish. Although, before you treat them, sanitize them. You will need a natural insecticide to eliminate pests and small animals that will rot your garden. In addition, the ideal is to prepare two plots on either side of the garden path, where you will plant the flowers taking into account the color schemes. You can even dress the plots by placing rocks or pebbles around them. Otherwise, the most flowering plants think of making them stand out by putting them in pots. Or why not mount a small orchid tree on the terrace itself? The landscape will be even more chic and you will be congratulated for being so insightful.

Installing garden furniture

The task is not quite ready to be completed. A beautiful exterior is also accessories that enhance it. What could be more convivial than garden furniture on a well covered terrace. A pretty little garden furniture that you can choose exotic or design. Then install a coffee table. It will be very convenient, because you will be able to put your accessories there: telephone, garage door remote, book or the cup while you enjoyed a radiant sunshine. Some even choose to install a designer sofa, just like the one in the house, but there you really need to be careful, because outside the sofa is more exposed to the pitfalls. However, you can always install a pergola or simply cover your furniture with a waterproof house.

Wireless transmitter and receiver module advantages

The wireless transmitting and receiving module can be used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, and telemetry. It is a widely used product and has a wide operating voltage range of 3 to 12V. This article will introduce the advantages of this product.

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When the wireless RF remote controller data module and special codec chip such as PT2262/PT2272 are used, the connection is very simple as long as they can be directly connected. The transmission distance is ideal and can reach 600 meters or more. If used with a microcontroller or a microcomputer, the connection will be MCU. Or the computer’s clock interference, resulting in a significant reduction in transmission distance, the general practical distance within 200 meters.

Wireless RF transmitter and receiver module advantages

1. Provide a variety of antenna support, including antenna technology support built-in copper antenna / built-in high gain antenna / external antenna / external high gain antenna, to provide seamless support for customer RF remote control product development.

2. Small size: The wireless RF transmitter and receiver module is only the size of the thumb. It is one of the industry’s most compact modules and is convenient for the development of various portable wireless audio applications.

3. Power output: It can provide 60mw audio output power, which is convenient for customers who develop portable headset audio products, saving circuit cost and speeding up the development cycle.

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Special features of wireless transceiver modules

The data module of the wireless transceiver module has a wide operating voltage range of 3-12V. When the voltage changes, the transmission frequency is basically unchanged, and the receiving module matched with the transmitting module can be received stably without any adjustment. When the transmission voltage is 3V, the wireless transceiver module transmits the distance of about 20-50 meters, the transmission power is small, when the voltage is 5V, about 100-200 meters, when the voltage is 9V, about 300-500 meters, when the transmission voltage is At 12V, for the best operating voltage, the wireless transceiver module has a good emission effect, the emission current is about 60 mA, the transmission distance is 700-800 meters, and the transmission power is about 500 mW. When the voltage is greater than l2V, the power consumption increases, and the effective transmission power is no longer significantly increased.

Performance introduction of wireless transceiver module: It integrates the function of high-frequency keying (GFSK) transceiver circuit to achieve high-speed data transmission with a small size and low cost. The transmission rate of the upgraded version of the wireless transceiver module can be 2M, 1M, 250K, increasing from the original 81 channels to 125 channels, which can achieve stable and reliable short-distance data transmission without interference in the congested ISM band. Work in the global open ISM band, license-free use.

The wireless transmitter and receiver module provider Carymart mainly provides wireless remote control solutions. Through the actual requirements of the project, the selection of transceiver chips and microprocessors, the design of corresponding peripheral circuits and mutual interface circuits, and the preparation of corresponding system programs And drivers, complete the test of the corresponding indicators.